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Job Vacancies In Travel - How To Find Vacancies In Travel And Tourism Jobs

Author: Tyson Hale

Trips and vacations are priceless experiences. They're among the best things in the world! You get to see new, exotic, and beautiful places; you make fond memories with every encounter; you experience different cultures and best of all, you get a break from the dullness and stresses of everyday life.

Vacations can be quite expensive but there are ways to deal with your hunger for exploration and travel without burning your pockets. If you love working with people and helping them enjoy themselves, consider working in the travel and tourism industry.

Many careers in travel and tourism assures you of a well-paying and exciting career. One can choose to become a travel agent, guide, tourism manager, tour operator and much more. If you like traveling and have the ability to interact and mingle well with people, tourism industry can take you places and make you wealthy.

This booming industry has job positions for more than 250 million people. It is, in fact, among the world's largest industry. One can find a job in different places like, airlines, tour agencies, cruise lines, E-commerce businesses, leisure and recreational enterprises, event management, tour operators, and hotels.

Travelers and vacationers demand comfort, pleasure, leisure, and entertainment. So as part of a whole, there are leisure and hospitality branches in this industry. Yet, leisure and hospitality can be broken down into three sectors. These are arts, entertainment and recreation; hotels and other accommodations; and food services such as restaurants and cafés and of course, drinking places like bars and pubs.

Having said that, blue collar jobs like waiting tables, bellhops, housekeeping, and bartenders are available for those just starting out. Anybody can land these types of jobs. However, do not look down on the earning capacity of this type of work. Some establishments offer high pay and some customers may give hefty tips.

So now, you might be wondering how to get these jobs in the first place. Actually, it is just like finding any other kind of job. The Internet is great place to look for travel and tourism positions but caution should be used because scams and illegitimacy are proliferating online. Research and be wary.

Sometimes, it would be wise to start locally. Also, do not be picky and be contented with entry-level jobs if still lacking in experience. Keep in mind that a career in this industry is not like any job it is a lifestyle.

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Travel and Leisure Books – Your Guide Way to the World of Fun and Leisure

By David Patullo

Have you ever considered a trip as an option in your list of presents that you plan to give your loved one? Most people often overlook the possibility of considering a trip because of the great expenses. However, with emergence of travel and leisure books you are rest assured of a lifetime experience that is worth remembering. In the recent past, very many people have come up with their written works be it in magazines, journals, newspapers and off course travel and leisure books. Similarly, there has also been a steadfast increase in the number of websites offering free guidance on the best areas in the world to spend your vacation.

Among the most popular travel and leisure books is the New York Times great and bestseller by Patricia Schultz. It gives a clear guideline on the one thousand places that you ought to see before your life on this world ends. This is surely more than a traveler’s list, but it is ideal even for students. Other than the various short descriptions and authors’ opinions, this book contains clear pictures that show each and every place that is described. Some of the very wonderful places that are shown in this book include; the Ice hotel of Sweden, California’s wine country, Na Pali Cliffs of Hawaii, The La Sagrada Familia found in Spain, and Africa’s great Ngorongoro Crater. This book is just one of a kind among all travel and leisure books. It goes further to look at some other sites in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, South and Northern America, Europe and Africa, among others.

The Travel and Leisure magazine is another publication of the travel and leisure books. Once you subscribe to this magazine, you get to know a lot of things thanks to the various columnists who write about vacation guides, hotel reviews, travel articles, vacation hotels and resorts.

Once you get your help from travel and leisure books, you have to proceed with your plans. The next thing that you cannot afford to forget is to visit a discount store or a craft and source the best travel pamper basket. Inside the basket, do not forget to include a jasmine or lavender pillow spray which will keep the bed of your loved one smelling good all night long. Secondly, buy her some bubble bath to soak herself after the very long day of adventure and site seeing. The third asset especially if your friend happens to be girl is peppermint foot lotion to keep the tired feet cool. Similarly, although many hotels and vacation resorts do provide enough shampoo, they do not offer adequate conditioners. Therefore, buy her some good hair conditioner that will maintain her hair all time long.

Other things that travel and leisure books propose include; a neck pillow, toothpaste and toothbrush, a sleep mask, and obviously her favorite candy. Do not ignore any advice that you get from travel and leisure books especially if it concerns the size and quality of the things to buy.

Travel and leisure books also offer similar advice when it comes to a guy. The most important thing is that you do not overload the suitcase of your guy just because men are known to be strong. For a guy, you should swap the bubble bath and pillow spray with aftershave.

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