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If you would like to know more about public relations jobs - then you will want to read this article. It includes plenty of information about this subject that is sure to help you better understand the ins and outs that seem to confuse most people. It really does not have to be difficult to understand.

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All About Freelance Public Relations Jobs

By Brian Scott

Public relations is an involved field of work for freelance writers. Freelance public relations usually entails writing reports, designing presentations, putting together ad campaigns, creating press releases, writing speeches, coaching, informing employees/clients/regulatory agencies about what's going on at the office, and so on.

In short, if you want to freelance as public relations writer, you need a diverse set of skills. This includes exceptional writing ability, a knack for marketing, superior computer skills (with knowledge of presentation and desktop publishing software), and exceptional customer service.

If you don't have these skills, you can probably outsource some of your work. However, hiring others to do your job for you will seriously dwindle your profits.

Who offers freelance public relations jobs?

Every publicly traded company needs PR people, including many private businesses. Marketing and communications firms are popular examples. In addition, government and non-profit organizations always seek the services of freelance PR pros. Museums, charities, and hospitals are just a few examples that encompass the endless list of organizations needing someone to handle their public relations.

To find public relations jobs, check out employment sites like workopolis.com and Yahoo! HotJobs. It's also smart to sign up with websites like workinpr.com that specialize in connecting PR jobseekers with employers.

Don't forget to check out websites like IFreelance and Guru. These freelance job auction sites allow you to bid on projects that suit your timeline, scope of abilities, and desired income level.

How much money can I make in freelance public relations?

That depends on the PR work that you're doing. Freelance public relations encompass many "sub-jobs," and consequently, each client will have different tasks that he or she wants you to oversee. A PR client may hire you to do everything from employee newsletters to nationwide marketing campaigns; or the client may hire you to type, copyedit, and proofread press releases. You and your client will have to agree on the list of expectations.

If you're a jack-of-all-trades public relations writer, then don't charge less than $40 an hour. If your client wants you to charge by project (which is more common for large PR campaigns), estimate the number of hours you will need and then multiply it by your hourly rate. As your list of happy PR clients grows, you may want to charge more. Many PR freelancers make $150 an hour and up.

In public relations, it is also common to charge by the day. PR professionals usually charge in the range of $300 to $1000 per day or more.

How do I properly respond to a public relations job ad?

Again, it depends on the work the client wants you to do. It also depends on the company it is. If a kids' soccer league were looking for a PR freelancer, you'd hope to quote them a far smaller fee than you would an oil and gas company!

To ensure you create the best response possible, follow these guidelines:

1. Identify yourself as an extremely capable and professional PR freelancer.

2. Assure the client that you can handle each of the items he or she listed in the ad.

3. Mention how satisfied your previous clients have been with your work.

It's obviously much easier to get this complex job with prior experience. However, if you don't have previous PR clients, remember that any job experience with any required job skill is useful. For example, you may have written website content before. It's not PR experience technically, but it shows you can handle that aspect of the job.

Sample ad

Below is a sample ad for a public relations freelance writer. What would you include in your response?

We are a mid-sized software company that needs a public relations specialist to add energy to our existing ad campaigns. We want to be well positioned within our market to reach out to new customers and generate more sales. You will rewrite our marketing material, design slideshows, and create two press releases per month about our products.

First, let the advertiser know you're enthusiastic about this job opportunity. The company is looking for someone to reenergize their marketing efforts, so you should convey yourself as an energetic, dynamic person.

Second, address their task list. If you have relevant experience and satisfied past clients, discuss it here. If not, focus on how solid your skills are.

That's all there is to it! Getting the client excited about your abilities is the key to success in public relations.

About the Author: Brian Scott is a full-time freelance writer with over a decade of experience. He finds many of his paid freelance public relations jobs at Online Writing Jobs ( http://www.online-writing-jobs.com ), a free jobboard that lets you search thousands of freelance writing jobs.

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Public Relations Jobs - Top 10 Public Relations Job Opportunities

Author: Silas Reed

When it comes to choosing one's career, it is totally an individualistic decision. Out career choices depend on the type of people that we are. When it comes to work different people show different preferences. Some people prefer safe jobs like government jobs which provide a lot of security. Some of them are daring and they love to take up challenging work and prove their worth by accomplishing them well.

There has been a growth in public relations studies. Naturally, lots of these students take up public relations as a career. This is one of the most flourishing career options available today.

If you like challenges in your life and you are fond of working in general then PR is a good career choice for you. But before you take your decision, make sure that you have the potential to survive in this field. If you want to take up a public relations career you must be good at communication. You should also know how to maintain a good relationship with everyone around you. You should have good convincing powers too.

When it comes to PR jobs experience counts a lot. It is not sufficient to have just a degree. Candidates who have job experience are preferred over those who are absolutely inexperienced.

Your previous job experience will definitely help you to secure a good job. There are plenty of PR firms in the country. You can apply o them and try your luck. You can also apply in the companies if they have a PR department. Today most companies have an in house PR department. PR is an essential tool that helps in proper functioning of the company. Companies are overtly concerned about their reputation in the market. not only private organizations, even government organizations cannot function without the help of PR professionals.

Before you apply in a company, you must be concerned about the reputation of the company. Some of the details are vital. So you must know them before you apply in a particular company.

Since you are applying to the reputed companies, you must make sure that your resume is good enough. They will take you on the basis of your resume and also on the basis of the personal interview that will be conducted.

About entry level public relations jobs:

It is better to go for an internship or a number of public relations internships while you are pursuing the course. This will give you job experience and will also enrich your resume. Entry level public relations jobs are of low salary. But they give you a lot of experience. Your maturity also grows with jobs that you undertake. Public relations salary is low in the beginning. But as time passes the progress is very fast.

Sometimes it so happens that you become a permanent employee in the company in which you work as a public relation intern. For that to take place you must please your employers with your hard work and dedication.

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About the Author

To learn more about finding public relations jobs, please visit http://www.PRcrossing.com and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the PR profession. Silas Reed, Writer for PRCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different PR job profiles.

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