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Biotech Careers and Jobs

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To Lab Or Not To Lab? The Essential Guide To Biotech Research Career And Jobs.

By Paul I. Etkin

One of my friends, a former community college student at the school at the same time I was working there, has decided to go into biotech research. She is technologically confident and at the same time is fascinated with and good at working with the environment, and hopes to make some important contributions to our area (Northern California). So what does it mean to do biotech research? What does it take to get into the field of biotechnology? And how much dough can you make?

Biotech research can involve anything in the life sciences, from ‘human health and computational disease mapping to crop and tree improvements,’ as those studies are done by students at the Biotech Research Center at Michigan Tech, from ‘forensics, [the] testing of biotoxins, and management of the nation’s organ transplantation process’ to ‘drug development, medical diagnostics, biomedical engineering, and environmental analysis,’ such as those done at Virginia Biotechnology Research Park, or from biogenetic engineering, farming, or nutritional assessment and engineering to toxicology, biomedical imaging and engineering, or food, drug, and environmental technologies, as conducted by University of California Biotechnology Research and Education Program (UC BREP).

How much a person in biotech research makes depends on what funding the biotech research facilities are backed by. At the Biotech Research Center at Michigan Tech, for instance, funding is at $8.3 million, provided by such organizations as the U.S.Department of Energy (DOE), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the U.S. Drug Administration (USDA).

At the same time, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the biotech research engineers (as well as the biomedical engineer) make an average of $48,503 with a bachelor’s degree and around $59,667 with a master’s degree.

But will the jobs in biotech research be there when my friend and you finish your degrees. Well, again according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projection for job growth in the field of biotech research in particular but biotechnological engineering in general looks good through 2014, with the growth ‘much faster than average.

This, BLS declares, will be attributed to the aging of the population, the increased focus on health issues, and the demand for ‘better medical biomedical engineers.’ Because of the sensitive interest in biotech research and biomedicine, more degrees are granted in these fields or area sand hopefully, more grants are awarded.

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Exciting Career Opportunities in Biotech Jobs

Author: swati

Biotechnology is a huge research field where experts use different principles of biological science to invent new processes, products and medicines. Today, with growing medical advancement, there is a huge demand of biological scientists, biotech engineers and lab technicians in the biotechnology sector.

There is a wide scope in biotechnology jobs with career opportunities available in private research institutions, universities, pharmacies, food manufacturing, and processing firms. To be eligible for any of the diverse biotechnology careers, post secondary education is the required qualification. To provide specialization in the field, there are different biotechnology programs and courses available at the university and college levels. Via online, students can find a list of renowned medical institutes or universities offering courses and programs on biotechnology.

After completion of plus two courses with subjects, including physics, biology, mathematics and chemistry, a student can pursue bachelor degree in biotechnology. University course on biotechnology offers interested students to obtain a master's or doctoral degree in this specific field. The college program in biotechnology offered include training courses on the several techniques and process to create new and advanced biotechnological devices.

Individuals with post graduate or doctoral degrees in biotechnology can start career as a scientist in research laboratories. There are multiple sub-fields of biotechnology, which a scientist might choose as area of researches. To mention the major ones include agricultural studies, food science, industrial technology and biological manufacturing. Scientists carry out wide researches on the structure of the various chemicals and materials. They utilize their inventions to develop various products, like pesticides, plastics and food additives.

Another lucrative career option is to work as medical scientists. Medical scientists get opportunities to work with both private reputed pharmacies and medical research organizations. The role of the medical scientists in biotechnology jobs is to study the different features and characteristic of the viruses and bacteria through the medium of medical researches. They apply their inventions as to create of new drugs and pharmaceuticals.

For being a biotech engineer, it is necessary to have a B Tech degree in biotechnology. The fresh biotech engineers get exposure in several biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies. A student who graduates in biotechnology can also start his career as lab technician in pathology labs. Many pathology labs require lab technician for preparation of different laboratory experiments, monitoring testing processes, recording data and finding subjects for clinical trials. They are also required to assist medical scientists in writing research reports.

biotech jobs is one more superb biotechnology career alternative available in this sector. One can join as an instructor at any local career colleges or medical institutes that offer courses on biotechnology. To join as an instructor, a person qualified with postgraduate degree in biotechnology should also have a certificate degree in adult education.

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