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Author: David Kimberley

A big worry by learners wanting to work in the oil and gas industry is the guarantee of having a job when they finish their studies or the fear of losing their job half way through their career. The fear is mainly driven by media who like to predict the end of the worlds need for oil and nothing more. Governments are scrambling to kick start alternative measures to the worlds energy needs but it's going to be a very long time before the world stops using the fuel. In fact with the current rate of population growth we will rely more on oil and gas over the next 50 years than ever before and the reason why more green measures are being put into place is that when that percentage grows it isn't all relied on oil extraction.

Africa is coming in as a late player to the oil and gas industry and markets are opening up all over the continent by governments who now want to take advantage of the monitory exchange to help their countries economy. If you had any doubts about starting an oil career simply have a look at media headlines pertaining to the industry. Plants and work is commencing around the world and energy companies are all reporting big profits.

Needless to say studying for a profession in the energy industry will more than likely always guarantee one a job and if any market in the energy sector goes through a rough patch there will be another market willing to take on the expertise you have gathered in your field.

It is becoming more prevalent for oil and gas fresher's to have a degree in the industry and starting off can be rather difficult as most companies will require that you need experience and safety certificates etc. It's always advisable that when studying to keep up to date with what is expected of you in the profession that you are pursuing. Safety certificates are extremely important, especially when working offshore. When you begin your job search ensure that you have everything up to date.

There are literally hundreds of ways to actually find a job in the oil and gas industry and the easiest method is the use of the internet. There are hundreds of job boards all with the latest jobs, recruiters, agencies and direct hire companies.

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