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Job Openings in Marketing and Advertising

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We will take a look at marketing and advertising jobs in the following article. It is a good place to start if you are new to the subject. There is a lot more information available for those that want to make a more detailed study.

Advertising Jobs

By Rachel Williams

Advertising is a factor that has created revolution in every commercial sector. Today, it is one of the premier industries and the backbone of all marketing initiatives. It is also a highly creative and competitive field and requires the professionals to come up with innovative ideas constantly. Thus, working in the advertising industry offers great creative challenges for the individuals. Aspiring candidates can choose to work in the offline or online industry depending upon their preferences and qualifications.

Offline Advertising Jobs

Offline advertising is the more traditional form of advertising and includes print media, electronic media, live promotions and event sponsorships. Candidates can work as copywriters, accounts managers, sales managers and agency heads as per their experience.

Copywriters: Copywriting is the most basic level of work and includes creating and designing advertising campaigns, slogans, captions and themes according to the product or service. For this copywriters must conduct a thorough research of the product or service as well as of the competitor campaigns.

They also need to create effective content for company brochures or newsletters that is attractive as well as informative.

Copywriting is one of the toughest jobs as it requires the candidate to be extremely original yet appealing. For this it is important to be a master in languages and exceptional writing abilities.

Advertising Manager: The advertising manager approves the work done by the copywriters and monitors and analyzes the ROI (return on investment) for the campaigns. The manager guides the creative team in designing the right campaign and ad layout.

He is also responsible for maintaining daily reports of the ad budgets. He coordinates with the creative team, marketing team and the operations team as a part of his daily work. The advertising manager is also responsible for recruiting copywriters and other members of the creative team.

Advertising Sales Professionals: Advertising sales professionals are responsible for acquiring new clients as well as maintaining the existing clients. It is their responsibility to develop and implement sales strategies wherein they can sell new and profitable advertising programs to increase the revenue of the agency.

The advertising sales professionals report to the sales Director who monitors their performance as well as take major policy decisions.

Online Advertising Jobs

The online advertising industry is a relatively new form of advertising but has developed at a scorching pace. Riding on the modern Internet revolution, the online advertising industry has emerged as the most techno-savvy form of marketing.

Pay per Click (PPC) Professionals: The PPC professionals are responsible for creating online campaigns and generating conversions (sales, leads, sign-ups etc.). These campaigns are based on keywords that are directly or indirectly related to the product or services.

Search Engine Optimizers (SEO): The job of the SEO professionals include creating a search-engine friendly website so that it gets greater traffic and in turn generate revenue for the website owners. SEO professionals can design or get a website designed and then implement the various optimization strategies in order to get greater ranking on the various search engines for the target keywords.

Other Online Jobs: Apart from these important avenues, the other related jobs in the Internet marketing industry include creative writers, graphic designers, animation specialists, web analysts and 3D artists.

Being an expert at all these tasks is important to have a competent advertising resume. Fresh candidates can create a strong impact by drafting their CVs on the lines of professionally created sample resumes.

About the Author: Author and career counselor, Rachel Williams provides key resume tips for job seekers. Find sample resumes for advertising professionals here.

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Marketing and Advertising Jobs in India

Author: Marketing Naukri

Marketing and advertising form one of the most important components of the service sector in today's times. Targeted towards attracting an audience/customer (readers, viewers and readers), marketing and advertising are fields that opens promiscuous horizons.

Brimming with bright opportunities and boundaries that contribute in enhancing the market products and programs. Marketing Jobs are the fast emerging as the supreme employment vertex for the present generation.

The dominion of marketing and advertising plays a crucial role in the present day competent global scenario. Apart from guaranteeing glamorous and glittering career opportunities, this sector engages in a lot of creative enterprise. Booming with talented creative heads and professionals who accentuate prospective product values with their pursuance, the Marketing and Advertising Job industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy. It accelerates communication and networking amongst the firms and the users, sustaining favorable outcomes and yields.

Marketing and advertising sector also promises high stipends, salaries and incentives which attracts a multitude of prospective employment seekers to invincibly engage in the field. This field stands as the ultimate destination for individuals who seek a career in the creative segment, as it extracts intensive innovative schemes out of the working professionals for substantial growth.

The Indian economy boasts of resplendent growth prospects for professionals entering the domain of Marketing and Advertising. There is a plethora of jobs available in these fields which include Client executive, Animator, Account Developer, Commercial Photographer, Media Planner, Web Developer, Creative Art Director, etc.

The economy and market of India is advancing at an unwavering pace. This levies for subsequent and effective efforts directed towards maintaining and improving the sales and buying of the schemes, products and inventions made in various territories. Marketing and Advertising thus perform active and crucial tasks in the Indian economy.

The major brands which rule this segment are Ogilvy and Mather, Mudra Communication Pvt.Ltd., J Walter Thompson India, McCann – Erickson India Ltd., Leo Burnett India Pvt.Ltd., and Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd.

According to reports by Zenith Optimedia, a part of the French advertising agglomeration Publicis Groupe SA, India's Marketing and Advertising industry is expected to grow at the rate of 9% this year.

India is steadily being recognized in the global world as a big market. The multitude of brands investing in India is growing manifolds. This creates new opportunities in the Marketing and Advertising field. The employees engaged in various influential projects are encouraged to scale out newer arenas ascribing to the sector for staying in tune with the external world. Publicizing products and services in no longer treated as a secondary requirement, but is now extensively treated as the most important tool for magnifying yields. Organization and calculation are key ingredients of Marketing and thus demands potential workforce dedicated towards inventive and progressive advertising. With the development of various innovative resources, this sector is witnessing constant advancement. Employment ratio has therefore significantly increased in the Marketing sector.

The Indian marketing and advertising industry thrives on constructive qualities such as creativity, strong communication abilities, judgment skills, networking abilities and flexibility in the wavering scenario. Vacancies available in this sector call for professionals who scrape the market for the right ideas and strategies and profitably sell their products. Indian job arena welcomes this sector with open arms to augment the sales of their businesses and services in the Indian market. The significance of marketing and advertising agencies and executives are thereby growing leaps and bounds in India.

The Marketing and Advertising industry offers immense progress trends to the various sectors prevalent in the Indian economy. Embellished with extreme talent and creative intellect, an ability to persuade and convince, the marketing and advertising professionals cater crucially to almost all dominions of the Indian business market.

Jobs in this sector are thus constantly generated, facilitating better employment advantages for prospective professionals satiating the Indian economy with their imaginativeness and sharpness.

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