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Management Consulting Jobs: Navigating the Most Sensitive Area of Recruitment Needs

Author: Prism Executive

Management consulting jobs are a sensitive and unique area of any profession's recruitment needs. Aligned with IT outsourcing and change management positions, all consulting jobs are by their nature indicative of a potential crisis within the company. "Crisis" used in its most literal sense, to mean a noticeable shift in the landscape in which that company is situated.
It is often necessary for existing members of such a company to wear a variety of hats in the discharge of their professional duties, jumping from technique to technology in order to fit to the demands of the marketplace. So management consulting jobs, when filled, require the consultant to understand the multi-role complexity of the job he or she may have to fill.

Finding the right candidates for consulting jobs, then, isn't easy. It requires an understanding of the characteristics suited to the role; plus a deep expertise in the market area in which that role is situated. There's also a requirement for the recruitment company supplying the management consultants to have access to a range of viable candidates – because in high end roles of this type, personality as well as expertise defines ultimate suitability for a role.
While expertise in market sectors is ideal, management consulting jobs also touch on some core service lines across industries: HR, change management, IT management, process improvement, finance, strategy and marketing. It's essential then that the candidate landing the role has a proven experience of managing change in business.

Most blue chip companies use an established management recruitment agency to fill their management consulting jobs – for all the reasons outlined above. The role of a management consultant is so sensitive and multi-layered that it requires an expert business to do the placing.

Of course another reason why a company may find it better to have a third party placing candidates for management consulting jobs with it, is that many companies in need of consultancy are by definition undergoing a period of change or uncertainty. Change management professionals with expertise in the right areas are clearly required – but the normal decision making structure may be interrupted or undergoing a period of change itself, in which case it's best to use the services of an industry expert instead.

Every firm is different of course – and so every firm has a different requirement for its management consulting jobs candidates. The smaller, more agile firm may be in need of non-executive direction, while a larger business might not need typical management consulting jobs candidates, but may require extra support and management staff for departments involved in managing internal company change.

Clearly the key factor in all consultant recruitment, then, is an understanding of the marketplace and immediate needs of the client, which is why many businesses are best served by an executive recruitment agency.

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