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Jobs in Sales - Q & A about Jobs in Sales

Author: Silas Reed

Are you interested in jobs in sales? Different kinds of jobs are available these days. But just a year ago the world was facing a great economic turmoil. This turmoil took a toll on the careers of various people. The companies almost stopped recruiting new candidates.

Some of the employees even went through a salary cut while the others lost their jobs. These days' career sales are quite lucrative. Almost all the companies require sales professionals so that they can improve as well as increase their sales. It is important to acquire top sales techniques to make a mark in this field.

Job search sales can be performed with the help of the internet these days. There are various job boards which can offer you with the list of some of the best jobs in this field. The sales strategies are required for people selling groceries as well as people sitting in the multinational companies.

Job in sales management is widely available these days. But you need to have the right potential for that. There are certain common questions that are usually asked about jobs in sales.

If you can find proper answers to these questions then you can surely get into the top of this field. First of all you need to acquire all the characteristic traits that are required for the professionals in this field. You must be capable of persuading as well as convincing people to buy the things you are selling.

But for that you need to find out your prospective customers. You might now ask how to search for these prospective customers. There are various ways to do so. Today this has become easier because of the internet.

Each and every company has their website. You can provide information about your niche and your product based on that niche. People who are interested in the product will visit your website. At that point of time you can surely collect their email addresses.

Selling can either be direct that is face to face or indirect that is through the internet or through phone calls or even mails. Job sales training is very much necessary to reach to the top in this field. Training will provide you with a better insight about this profession.

During the training you will learn certain tried and tested formula that is usually followed in case of the jobs in sales. The first most important things are to fix a goal. Without a goal ahead of you, you probably cannot do what is required.

When you set your goals it is also necessary to make proper plans to reach to the goals. In the sales jobs a positive as well as an optimistic approach is very much important and necessary. You must have the perfect passion for your job.

This will help you convince the customers as well as build their trust on you. The common questions are answered regarding the job sales management. Now you will surely find these jobs easier.

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Sales Jobs Vs. Sales Careers

By John Cousins

It’s a Tuesday morning and I log in to email and there’s a note from one of the best Sales Managers I’ve ever known. So of course I open it immediately and not two minutes later I’m acting on his request to call him. Within a minute of the first hello the pleasantries are dispensed with and the topic of the day turns to the sales recruiter who called him and the upcoming interview.

“I’m not looking for Sales Job” he tells me and as the silence carries over the phone I try not to spit out my coffee wondering why then is he wasting his time when he adds “what I’m looking for is a sales career.” The words that came out of his mouth stunned me after all this guy has a top notch 20 plus year sales career filled with accolades and quota busting sales work to that many people would die for.

Well that sent me on quite the tailspin after all sales recruiting isn’t exactly booming in this economy, sales recruiters who ring me are often delusional as they try to lure me away from a solid pay check with new opportunities that have only a slightly greater chance of paying off than a lottery ticket.

We came to the conclusion no matter what the economic conditions whether it’s a less than stellar recession or a gangbusters boom cycle there are and always will be sales jobs. Even in those dire times if you look hard enough and have the luxury of time there are even great well paying sales jobs to be found.

Sales career though they’re different. Finding a position that becomes a sales career whether it’s carrying a bag, being a sales manager, or sales director takes time. It takes commitment, effort, and a network of people who know what you are looking for that are willing to help you.

On the surface the difference between a sales job and a sales career may not seem obvious but take just a minute to consider this. A Career is something you have passion for. A sales career is something that gets you out of bed in the morning with a sense of excitement, purpose and enthusiasm. You can’t wait to talk to customers and prospects, you have a deep seeded personal belief that what your are selling no matter how unglamorous is solving an issues, fixing a problem, improving the quality of someone else’s personal or professional life. You could be offering improved efficiency, adding security and peace of mind to their family situation. A career is something you’re proud of.

A sales job is just that, a job. It’s nothing more. It pays the bills. You show up and do what you have to accomplish whatever is necessary and nothing more. I hear it all the time a person who is one industry looking over at another saying I wish I went in to medical sales, I wish I was in software, Ahh those pharmaceutical sales guys have the best gig ever. If its money and opportunity that have you looking around I get it. Be careful because the grass isn’t always greener and sales teams seem to be filled with journeymen sales reps who never quite hit it big.

From this point out I’m going to ask are you looking for another sales job or a sales career? Because at the heart of that answer it really comes down to Passion vs. Paycheck. Of course if you do it right there is no reason you can’t have both.

About the Author: John Cousins has over 20 years of corporate business to business sales experience. He a begrudging technology junkie, an over seasoned traveler, and regular contributor sales technology contributor to the The UnNatural Salesman and is currently doing data collection for the upcoming Sales Career Resource Guide

Source: www.isnare.com

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