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Healthcare IT job market is strong and growing

Author: NaviNet Inc

I was fortunate to be invited to be a panelist at the Governor's Healthcare IT conference  in Boston held on April 29th and April 30th . The conference was hosted by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and was titled "Health Information Technology: Creating Jobs, Reducing Costs and Improving Quality." I spoke on the panel titled "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Health IT, Business Opportunities and Job Creation" along with Girish Navani of eClinicalWorks, Howard Messing of Meditech and Richard Reese of Iron Mountain. The panel was moderated by Chris Gabrieli of Bessemer Venture Partners.

There were three key themes that emerged from the panel:

1. Healthcare IT companies are growing and hiring
2. There is a shortage of talent
3. There needs to be a fundamental change in how computer science is taught in our schools and how healthcare IT is perceived by the best and brightest

Healthcare IT companies are growing and hiring

As I shared with conference attendees, I expect NaviNet to double in size over the next two years. Other vendors also spoke about predicted fast-paced growth of their companies. Much of this growth in healthcare IT is being fueled by government stimulus and the urgent need to overhaul our healthcare system to improve efficiency and reduce costs. KLAS Enterprises, a health IT research firm, reports that nearly 70% of healthcare providers nationwide expect to hire outside consultants to help them achieve meaningful use and thus qualify for federal EMR subsidies.

Talent shortage

The American healthcare system is very complex. The challenge healthcare IT companies are facing is finding experienced computer science professionals that also understand the complexities of healthcare workflows and standards. Currently, most healthcare IT companies are willing to hire someone with a strong IT background and then invest the time and money to get them up-to-speed on healthcare related issues.

The good news is that the government is willing to invest in programs to address this shortage. FierceHealthIT wrote in an article published on May 3, 2010, "Two-billion dollars going toward grant programs to motivate students to enter IT careers in the healthcare industry should help to create between 45,000 and 50,000 jobs over the next five years, said Dr. David Blumenthal, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, while speaking at the Health Information Technology (HIT) Conference in Boston last Thursday." (read full article)

There needs to be a fundamental change in how computer sciences are taught in our schools and how healthcare IT is perceived by the best and brightest

Panelists were very vocal about the need to change how computer sciences are taught in schools and about changing the image of healthcare IT. Computer science is not currently part of the core curriculum in middle and high schools as it is usually offered as an elective. Messing believes that all students should get exposure to IT through required classes, just like English and mathematics are taught. The other problem is that the nation's most proficient programmers and engineers are going to work for technology companies like Google and Microsoft or financial companies like Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan. Healthcare IT isn't necessarily perceived as a sexy and exciting industry.

There are signs that healthcare IT is becoming a sought after profession by college graduates. In a new trend study from the University of California San Diego Extension, healthcare information technology is the hottest career option for college graduates. The study was based on enrollment figures, national employment statistics and interviews with San Diego business executives. (download and read the full report)

Mark Cafferty, San Diego Workforce Partnership president and CEO, was quoted in an article published by HealthcareITNews saying, "Several factors - a growing industry with vast employment needs, a societal concern with federal backing for broad reform, and a solution incorporating advanced knowledge and skills among workers - combine to form a strong base for workforce development and employment opportunity for the coming decade."

All that said, NaviNet is currently hiring. We are seeking bright, motivated and talented IT professionals who are eager to make a mark in healthcare, one of the strongest growth sectors in our country's economy. If you think you have what it takes, please view the NaviNet Career Opportunities page for job openings.


Brad Waugh
President and CEO

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/technology-articles/healthcare-it-job-market-is-strong-and-growing-3185309.html

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Home Healthcare: Home Healthcare Equipment Improves Home Hospital Care

By Bill W. Johnson

The quality of home health care has significantly increased in the past century. Today home health care equipment has helped improve how home hospital care is performed. Once upon a time, home health care equipment was not as readily available, and when home health care equipment was available, it was extremely expensive, bulky, and cumbersome. Today, home hospital care is becoming a normality rather than the exception.

Since the rise in home healthcare has increased so significantly, the home health care equipment has greatly improved as well. Home hospital care is now a reality preferred by millions of people around the globe.

Prestige medical equipment has made it possible for home hospital care to reach the same significant levels of sanitary and secure medicinal functioning. When it comes to home healthcare equipment, Prestige medical equipment has a reputation for providing excellence and quality at affordable rates. When it comes to home hospital care, you do have choices.

Prestige medical equipment offers many solutions for the home healthcare provider. Whether you are choosing a lying of Powermist nebulizers, UV-Easy digital UV monitors, pocket otoscopes, mini otolites, hot water bottles, ice/hot water bottles, rubber invalid rings of various sizes, ice bags, traditional blood pressure kits, or even eye charts, Prestige medical equipment has solutions for your home hospital care needs.

Home healthcare has changed significantly in even the recent past. Today, home health care equipment is available to almost anybody for only a fraction of a cost of the same equipments only a decade ago. With the rise in home Hospital care, home health care has evolved into a more patient friendly experience. With the rise in home Hospital care, the medical profession has also changed there views of what home Hospital care really means.

People at any age can benefit from home healthcare, and almost any one can purchase the majority of home healthcare he available on the market today. With the availability of home health care equipment dramatically increased, the number of people choosing to recuperate or heal from diseases or illnesses from the comfort of their own home has dramatically increased as well.

When it comes to home healthcare equipment, Prestige medical equipment offers an affordable solution, but more importantly, Prestige medical equipment offers an easy to use product that is accurate and portable. Not all home healthcare equipment is so easy to move from one location to the other, but the majority of Prestige medical equipment can easily fit into a large shoebox.

With home health care so popular, is it any wonder that Prestige medical equipment has improved the products offered to better suit the general populace. No matter what you are choosing to purchase for your home healthcare equipment needs, Prestige offers a long line of superb quality home health care products perfect for the person benefiting from home hospital care.

When you demand the best in your home healthcare equipment, you can trust the reliability offered by Prestige medical equipment. Prestige wants to make your home hospital care as comfortable as possible.

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