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Computer Software Jobs

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Computer software jobs

Author: Sparsh Kumar

Today software courses are in great demand among students and working professionals. These software courses provide you incredible career opportunities in many software companies and also secure your future. Some of the most opted software courses are VB.NET, Java Development, Oracle, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server. All these software courses promise you an excellent career prospect, good salary package and promotions. You could apply for various positions such as developers, programmer, IT Analyst, Tester etc in major software companies. They have great requirement for these software developers, programmers and analysts.

Today companies are ready to pay a good sum of money if the individuals have good years of genuine experience of working in the software field.

Over the years India has significantly contributed in computer technology and development. But the recent depression had broken the backbone of Indian IT industry. The demand of many developers, software engineers and programmers was severely hit hard at that time. They were no jobs in the market and many had to pass through this ordeal for a year or so.

However, this period is completely over and jobs are back in the market. Today many Java developers, software engineers and programmers are working in various international projects in India and outside.  They are being paid very good salary along with many other lucrative perks. Therefore, software courses have become so hit among young individuals as they also provide them a good chance to work outside their country and gain global experience. As a developer or programmer you are being paid a good salary package, your experience in the field also plays an important role in getting you a job and pay hike.

These software courses have one or two year diploma courses from private computer institutes. Today you could easily find many computer training institutes in Delhi and other parts of India which also provide diploma or certification course in software as well. However, not all of them are reliable and reputed. If you want to excel in software field it is advisable to opt for the course from a well known computer institute only

- Aptech
- High Technologies Solutions
- Aftech
- DICS,  New-Delhi
- Baluja Labs

The above mentioned names are some of the reputed computer institutes in Delhi. These institutes have qualified teaching staff with well equipped computer laboratories. Many of them also provide one year job assistance to their students. The course fees of different software courses vary from each other.   The basic requirement for any software course is 10+2 or graduation in addition with this your computer knowledge is also being checked.

The future of Indian software companies is very bright; they are recruiting a large number of IT professionals and have a huge turnover in a year.  The well known software companies of India- IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, INTEL, TCS, and HCL etc. All these companies have great strength of Java developers, DOT NET experts, and programmers working at their different projects.

JAVA developers are not only required in software companies but also have a demand in financial sectors like Banks. There is also an increase in the salary graph of Java developers. In addition with this, you may also apply for project manager post in a reputed company if you have years of experience and diploma/ degree in software courses.

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Computer Software Engineer Jobs In The UK

By Stephen Trigg

The field of Computer Software Engineering has become more popular among UK university graduates in recent years. Students are entering university with a more sophisticated knowledge of information technology than undergraduates from a generation ago. This knowledge is coupled with a realisation that many of the best jobs available in the UK involve computer technology, creating a desire within university students for success in the IT world. However, as graduates leave the university setting for the professional world, they begin to realise that their dream of working as a computer software engineer may be difficult to achieve.

The rising number of computer jobs in the United Kingdom has been met with an exponential increase in applications over the last decade. Professionals interested in software engineering, IT graduates, and candidates on the international market make the application process a log-jam. Hiring managers often have to set high standards in order to reduce the numbers of applicants that proceed to the interview stage. As such, talented software engineers may not be able to distinguish themselves enough to land their dream job. By understanding what a software engineer does on a daily basis, a young applicant is better able to tailor their application to suit a specific position.

Computer software engineers essentially bridge the gap between designers and users or retailers of software. Engineers take concepts and designs as imagined at the beginning of the creative process, create specific processes to meet the individual needs of software systems, and troubleshoot production processes in order to meet customer demands. For instance, a computer software engineer may work on creating the software CDs and supporting materials that come with a new video game or business solution. The role of the middle man means that engineers need to meet regularly with both designers and users or supply chain professionals to ensure that everything gets done right the first time.

This brief summary of a software engineer’s job should allow a young professional to focus their CV and application in the right areas. An applicant may choose to highlight areas of troubleshooting, problem solving, or multitasking in their application. On their CV, a young professional can highlight aspects of their education or job experience that would be uniquely suited to computer software engineering. In the interview process for a role as a software engineer, an applicant who is well-prepared should be able to use their knowledge of software engineering to answer a hypothetical question. In the end, computer software engineering jobs require quick thinking and creativity. An applicant needs to demonstrate these skills in order to land their dream job.

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