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Biotech Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

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Biotech Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Author: Silas Reed

Biotech pharmaceutical work includes a huge paradigm of jobs since the industry makes new discoveries every now and then and is dynamic in its progress. These new discoveries, patents etc need to be noticed and remembered by the employees of this industry and this requires some special skills on the part of the worker.

Biotechnology deals with development of drugs, introducing new drugs in the market. Researchers are done regarding the administration, dosage and packaging of the drug. Drug development jobs demand a minimum of BS degree and for specialized cases need even higher degrees.

The profile of a biotech pharmaceutical sales job applicant should contain:

A college degree of 4 years either BS or BA, irrespective of the subject is needed. This is the basal level qualification asked for.  A degree related to science or medicines may be more helpful. Although some small firms could still offer employment to applicants with diploma in high-school but in the process it is important to acquire a bachelor's degree.

Experience in sales of any field- it could be business sales or pharmaceutical sales, is priced. Although jobs can also be acquired without the experience but as one becomes more proficient through several years of exposure better pays are offered. Some companies ask for 1 year, some for 2-3 years, and others can demand up to 4-7 years of experience in sales. Thus being experienced gives the applicant an edge over others in the biotech pharmaceuticals sales employment.

The potential employee should be able to boast of having documented successful track record with the previous companies.

Biotech pharmaceutical sales require the employee to develop the social skills as the work involves a lot of persuasion and convincing. It also needs the worker to be able to reply promptly to the questions asked by the customer. Delivery of presentations and demonstrations should be an area of proficiency of the potential employee. Being shy or hesitant or low on confidence would prove to be deteriorative.

Employment in biotech pharmaceutical sales involves demarcated territories for each employee and a certain target per day to be met. The customers are doctors- physicians, pediatricians, learning and understanding of the use of massive quantity of information- like names of drugs, their composition, their specific side-effects etc. The potential customers may enquire about a lot of aspects of the product and the employee must be ready and confident with those answers.

Employment in biotech pharmaceutical sales gives the employee, salary that is suitable for a good living. They range from $45K to $100K a year. It varies with the qualification, experience and expertise of the employee. It also entitles them to benefits like- company car service, sometimes they locate their employee according to the allocated territory, employee assistant plan, vacations, medical, accident, travel etc insurance, legal plans, long term, short term disability help etc. Along with salary there also exists the commission which could range from $20K-$40K approximately, depending on the amount of work and the company.

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